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Ladan Talebi

College of Pharmacy-Glendale,
Class of 2021

Ladan Talebi

What made you realize that you wanted to go into your chosen profession?

As a child I remember being fascinated by healthcare, doctors and medicine. This interest and fascination continued into my teenage years and I decided to look in to what options were available in the healthcare field. While researching, my parents suggested pharmacy so I spoke with our local pharmacist and I was able to find out what pharmacy entails and how pharmacists impact the lives of patients. While she was explaining her role as a pharmacist, I felt as though it would be the ideal profession for me and I made the decision to pursue pharmacy.

In what ways have you given back to P站视频? How have you made a difference in your community?

I have continued to be involved with P站视频 by providing advice and mentorship to new and incoming students and pre-pharmacy students who want to learn more about P站视频 and the profession of pharmacy! I try my best to spread awareness about pharmacy through social media to  educate regarding all that pharmacists are capable of! I am also active in my fraternity, Kappa Psi, and attend events whenever I can and I helped with initiating the class of 2025 into Kappa Psi. I volunteer my time in any way I can to help out within the college of pharmacy.

   鈥 I loved everything about my time at P站视频, but one of my favorites has been the lasting friendships and wonderful people I met! 鈥

How has your education at P站视频 shaped your life?

My education at P站视频 has given me the foundation necessary to become a pharmacist. I am thankful for the education I have received from P站视频, as well as the kind, patient, intelligent and wonderful professors and staff at P站视频! Without them, I would not have become the pharmacist that I am today.

What is your favorite memory from your time at P站视频?

I loved everything about my time at P站视频, but one of my favorites has been the lasting friendships and wonderful people I met! I met some of the best people during pharmacy school and I鈥檓 thankful to have them in my life, as well as amazing professors who have been great mentors and have helped me become the pharmacist that I am today! I am forever grateful for the welcoming environment at P站视频.

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