Community Outreach

Students at P站视频 pride themselves on supporting community outreach efforts both domestically and internationally.

Doctor and student helping child learn to brush teeth

At P站视频, improving the lives and health of others through service has always been a vital piece of the campus philosophy.

In addition to their rigorous academic schedules, P站视频 faculty and students are actively engaged in community service through University-sponsored events, alliances with healthcare organizations, and work study programs. P站视频 students and employees participate in a wide variety of outreach programs, such as providing healthcare at local homeless shelters, organizing community health fairs, hosting health screenings and family medical education programs, and offering free community lectures on health from faculty experts.

P站视频 students also have the opportunity to participate in both service-learning and individual initiative community service. Making opportunities available for students to proactively engage in community service efforts allows them to go above and beyond required duties and incorporate philanthropy as a natural extension of their daily lives. As a result, P站视频 students, graduates, faculty, and employees take pride in their commitment to the greater good.

Service, dedication, and caring are the foundation of our entire academic community. I take pride in our outreach to the entire community.

Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D. 
President and CEO of P站视频