Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available to help students enhance skills, habits, and focus.

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Tutoring Overview

P站视频 offers small/assigned and open group peer-tutoring services through the Office of Student Services. Tutoring is available during all academic years and is designed to help enhance test-taking skills, modify study habits, and/or focus on critical material and content. Peer tutoring services serve as an additional academic support and do not take the place of class attendance, face-to-face meetings with faculty/course directors, or meetings with peer study groups. Tutoring is an active learning process and students are expected to come prepared for all tutoring sessions.  

Request a Tutor

Students who request tutoring services must regularly attend classes and meet with faculty prior to being approved for tutoring. Students who want to request a tutor or apply to be a tutor can access the applications on their student portal under the Student Services tab.  Select the tutoring link and follow the prompts to request a tutor or apply to be a tutor.

If you are a student at the Downers Grove campus, please review the Tutoring Guidelines-IL page for additional information.

Tutoring Eligibility

Small Group/Assigned Tutoring - Students who are in academic jeopardy in a course will be given priority in the tutoring program. Academic difficulty is defined by the College, however, students typically need to be failing or near failing in order to be approved for tutoring. In CHS and CGS only, students who fail to achieve the required grade point average may also request tutoring assistance.  Students may not be eligible or may lose eligibility to receive a tutor if their test scores improve, or if the student fails to meet the requirement of attending lecture, laboratory, and workshop sessions.

Open Group Tutoring - Depending on the availability of tutors, open group tutoring is offered quarterly for courses with the greatest historic need for tutoring.  Open group tutoring is a weekly scheduled 2-hour block of time where an approved tutor is available, and any student enrolled in the course for which open group tutoring is being offered may attend (no grade requirement).  Please see quarterly emails from student services for details about open group tutoring sessions being offered for your program.